“There can be no doubt that the fertile soils of the world have passed through a worm at least once” – Charles Darwin


Our Revital Vermicast Story

Vermicast is magic for soils. Nature’s own fertiliser, Vermicast is the quickest and best way to deliver nutrients to plants, that they can use straight away.

Revital has been farming Tiger (compost) worms for over 20 years. Our worm farms are located around the North Island of New Zealand, close to our organic composting sites where we can mix organic compost and vermicast together, for the best ‘brew’ available!

Over 15 million worms are working 24 hours, seven days a week in our farms. Together with our compost, we manufacture over 80,000 cubic meters of organic certified product every year, making us, one of the largest organic compost producers in New Zealand.

When you apply Revital Vermicast – a key base ingredient in our Grow-all and Revital 50 – this happens in your soil:

  • Healthy plants grow: immediately available nutrients
  • Higher yields of plants: plant growth is enhanced
  • More worms arrive: attracted to the castings and delivering plenty of worm eggs in the vermicast
  • Moisture retention: Roots stretch deeper into soils, accessing moisture available at lower levels
  • Soil health is improved with biological activity
  • Soil structure is enhanced with increased humus
  • Nutrient leaching is reduced – less need for chemical fertilsers

Our tiger worms are fed an organic diet (but no human biosolids). Our guys eat their own bodyweight every day and reproduce themselves every few hours. We monitor them – check their temperature, moisture levels and that they’re generally happy and doing what they should – producing millions and millions of new worms! This is a 100% natural and sustainable process.

New Zealand loses over 200 million tonnes of topsoil into waterways each year. Some of our regions experience drought or flood which contribute to soil stress. Applying Revital’s blend of compost and vermicast improves the ability of the soil to withstand negative effects of climatic conditions and replenishes nutrients.