Glenn Roberts – Trebilco Orchards

Revital Compost 50 delivers optimum soil conditions in the Trebilco Orchards

Katikati’s Trebilco Orchards comprises 36 canopy ha producing both Hayward and G3. Since 1997 Revital Fertilsers has been supplying Trebilco Orchards with around 300 tonnes of Revital Compost 50 a year.
Glenn Roberts, Trebilco’s Orchard Manager, says

“We have conventional and organic orchards. Timing of our applications is key and we require consistency of quality and spread when conditions are optimum. Phil and the Revital team accommodate our need to get the Revital product on our land as efficiently as possible.

With the general trend toward reducing chemical fertiliser use, compost is a great option. It’s full of macro and micro-nutrients, which are slow-release and it helps our sandy loam retain water and nutrients. A 5% increase in organic material quadruples our soil’s water holding capacity. It also buffers the soil, helping to get pH levels to optimum range for nutrient availability to our vines.

The success we have had with Revital Compost 50 means we will continue to use it in our orchard management programme. ”