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Compost rows processing
Compost rows processing
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Revital Landscape Supplies yard


In 1996 we started our dream of a cleaner, greener and healthier New Zealand.
We began with our own worm farm and small composting operation on our rugged farm in Taranaki. The benefits of applying vermicast & compost on our pastures & crops were quickly evident to us and it was time to take our organic products to the world! Well, New Zealand that is.

Our Mission

“To transform organic resources into valuable, marketable products through composting, vermiculture and quarrying, supported with quality service and innovation”

Revital Organic Credentials

  • Sustainability Consultants Green River ranked Revital 18th in their Top 50 NZ companies for our organic resource recovery work (that’s composting and worm farming to us)! Read here
  • Each year we supply over 50,000 tonnes of compost and vermicast to the farming sector that promote healthy biological activity in NZ soils
  • Over 100,000 tonnes of organic waste are diverted by Revital from landfill and recycled into rich organic compost annually

The Revital Family of Businesses

Twenty years on Revital remain ‘grounded’ in businesses associated with composting and recycling, landscaping, rural fertiliser supply and quarrying.

  • Our composting sites are at New Plymouth, Cambridge and Tauranga – virtually all our compost is sold to farmers and horticulturalists Revital Fertilisers Contact Us
  • Revital Growwell operates a bagging operation to distribute our products to the home gardener, plus our Growwell Landscape Supply yard in New Plymouth and the Central Landscape Supplies yards based in Auckland
  • Revital manufactures its signature playground mulch Tuff n Tumble from untreated, chipped wood. This product meets the NZ standard for Playground Surfacing NZS5828:2015 click here
  • Our quarries are in Uruti near New Plymouth and in Cambridge delivering aggregates, pebbles, soil and sand to a diverse number of clients in the North Island click here
  • Our worm farming operations are in four North Island locations, with an estimated 15 million worms working for us 24 hours, seven days a week
  • Recently Revital acquired Central Landscape Supplies, New Zealand’s largest franchise of landscape supply yards based in and around Auckland

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Revital Environmental Compliance

  • All Revital sites are operated to comply with environmental legalisation
  • Revital’s own Environmental Management System (EMS) identifies, measures and evaluates our environmental impact wherever we operate
  • We annually review our EMS developing procedures that continually improve our performance
  • Key Compost sites are audited anually by BioGro NZ