Revital compost 50

Revital Compost 50 is a 50/50 blend of our Revital Compost and organic certified Chicken manure.

tractor in orchard spreading revital compost

A blend of 50% Revital compost and 50% composted organic chicken manure, an excellent source of nitrogen, potassium and calcium. Incorporating chicken manure with our compost improves the physical nature of the chicken manure and mineralises nutrients for plant uptake. This blend is seeing increasing popularity across traditional farming and in particular, with orchardists.


  • A valuable source of nutrients and organic matter for kiwifruit and orchards, stimulates pasture growth for dairy, sheep and beef.
  • Research has shown that composted chicken manure is as effective as triple super phosphate when applied at the phosphate rate per hectare
  • Supplies soluble, plant available N P, K and trace elements
  • Improves soil biology, soil structure and pH
  • Increases fulvic and humic acid levels within the soil
  • Other fertilisers may be incorporated with Revital Compost 50
NUTRIENTTypical Hills Analysis (%)
Total N1.72
Total P0.67
Total K1.9
Total S0.39
Total Mg0.43
Total Ca3.11
Pasture & Cereal cropping
4-10,000 Kgs/Ha
All orchard crops
10-15,000 Kgs/Ha