Revital Rain Garden mix has been specially designed to reduce storm water run off in urban areas, reducing the incidence of flooding and pooling of stormwater in city streets. Rain gardens are also efficient in filtering pollutants such as zinc and diesel that wash into stormwater from roads. Rain garden mix samples are tested at Landcare Research’s Soil Physics Laboratory, to meet Monash University 2009 standard ( tested to ASTM F1815 standards). A copy of the test results available on request.

Raingarden mix specs:
Revital Rain Garden mix is a blend of 100% organic inputs; organic compost, sand and loamy topsoil. An effective blend to absorb water quickly and then slowly release the water over time.

For best establishment apply a layer of pebble or blended mulch (30% compost & 70% recycled wood chip) after planting.

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