Revital Growwell produces bags of product suitable for growing at home, in pots and planters, plus garden beds. Our organic certified range includes our famous Grow-all, containing worm castings blended with compost.

Home gardeners and landscapers can purchase Revital Growwell products in bulk directly from the yard conveniently located at 63 Smart Road.

Bring in your trailer or order a truck-load and we’ll deliver to you! (Our bulk products are also sold in bags and a range of fertilizers is available)

Hours Open 7 days, 8.00am to 4.30pm

Ph 06 755 2858

Email info@revitalfert.co.nz

Organic certified

  • Grow-all, our fantastic blend of worm castings and compost
  • Revital Compost, made from clean greenwaste and fully composted
  • Revital Chicken Compost, our 50/50 blend of Revital Compost and organic chicken manure

Other Products

  • Revital Garden Mix, a 50/50 blend of Revital Compost and Taranaki soil
  • Revital Topsoil, screened, rich Taranaki topsoil

Barks and Mulches

  • Coarse & Fine Landscaping Mulch
  • Playground bark
  • Tuff n Tumble
  • Revital Mulch and Grow

Stones & Aggregates

  • Builders Mix
  • Sand
  • Hoki Poki Stone
  • Uruti Stone
  • Lime Chip
  • Rangitikei Stone