Our products are widely used in turf applications particularly for sports fields and golf courses.

Revital Aggregates has produced specialist products for the top dressing of greens, tees and bunkers products to meet New Zealand Sports Turf Institute specifications.

We’re known known for our signature stones – Uriti, found on our farm in the rugged foothills of Mt Taranaki, and Hoki Poki, quarried in land on our Cambridge site.

The formation of our beautiful Hoki Poki stone began with the Oranui eruption of the Taupo volcano – most likely the world’s largest in the past 70,000 years. It brought stones and silt into the surrounding area and in Cambridge at our quarry it is the beautiful Hoki Poki stone, with its earthy browns golds and creams, that Revital brings to the marketplace. Revital Aggregate Products/Stone.

Our Uruti Stone is a smooth and round stone which is excavated from a ridgeline of our quarry which is in the rugged hills surrounding Mt Messenger, Taranaki.
Uriti Stone is highly sought after because it has up to 15 stunning colours in the blend in shades of cinnamon, rust, brown, cream, blue and jade green. It has a wonderful ability to complement contemporary landscaping trends.

In our quarrying the first operation is to remove the topsoil so that we can reach the sub layers of stone and sand. Our soil is rich in minerals and is screened to produce a quality sandy loam that is ideal for lawns and gardens. Revital Aggregate Products/Soil.

The sand that is extracted when we quarry the stones is of high quality and is ideal for special purpose use such as horse arenas and pit sand. Revital Aggregate Products/Sand
Revital supplies stone, sand and topsoil to the wholesale market only, but they can be found in landscape supply yards for home gardening or landscaper projects. Revital Aggregate Retailers. For our stones and the available grades see below.