Revital Maize is a blend of our Revital Compost, our Revital Vermicast and composted chicken manure. The addition of worm castings (known as vermicast) to this blend delivers one of nature’s optimal multi-purpose fertilisers. Revital Maize contains all the macro and micro nutrients and will continue to release these to crops and pasture throughout the growing season. Blending our Revital Vermicast with other composted materials is the best means to deliver its benefits and this is one of our most popular soil conditioning fertilsers for horticulture, pasture and cropping.

Where Revital Maize can really help

Total N 2 60 80
Total P 1.6 48 64
Total K 1.0 30 40
Total S 0.22 6.6 8.8
Total Mg 0.45 13.5 18
Total Ca 6 180 240

Benefits of using Revital Maize

  • Ideal for agricultural or horticultural use, promotes excellent plant growth
  • Added vermicast delivers a huge and diverse microbial population which improves soil fertility
  • All essential nutrients are delivered in both exchangeable and soluble form to plants
  • Natural plant growth hormones promote strong root elongation and lateral root formation in maize crops
  • Vermicast is rich in humus, the powerhouse for both nutrient release and the food source for biological life
  • The presence of Humic Acid lessens leaching of nutrients – binding them to the soil where the plant can use them
  • Natural growth hormones which help improve soil structure
  • Suppression of certain plant diseases and pests
  • Naturally liming pH – 7.0