Our compost is organic certified by BioGro ensuring all organic producers and those seeking to establish more organic production methods may safely use this product on their land. The finished compost has been aged and matured and is 100% free of weeds, ready to go to work immediately when applied. At the outset the compost begins delivering nutrients into your soil, stimulates plant growth and increases your soil’s water holding capacity.

Including Revital Compost in your fertiliser plan improves soil and plant health, reduces chemical dependency and improves crop yields.

NUTRIENT Typical Hills Analysis as a %
C/N Ratio 13:1
pH 7.5
Organic Matter 32.1%
Total N 1.42
Total P mg/Kg .27
Total K mg/Kg .96
Total Ca mg/Kg 2.27
Total Mg mg/Kg .33
Total Na mg/Kg .16

Our recommended application rates for Revital Compost in horticulture

Kiwifruit, Avocado, Market gardens, Fruit Trees, Viticulture Apply up to 10 tonnes/ha
Growing media for nurseries, orchards Use up to 50% of blend

Benefits of using Revital Compost

  • Nature’s slow release fertiliser: all nutrients in compost are in a plant available form
  • The natural way of replenishing soil nutrients and organic material that has been depleted after continuous cropping
  • Stimulates the growth of beneficial micro-organisms that re-inoculate the soil and improves disease suppression, plant health and vigour
  • Improves the soil’s water holding capacity
  • Breaks down heavy soils thus allowing better root penetration
  • Reduces leaching of nutrients and binds them to the soil where the plant can use them
  • Buffering of extremes in soil temperature
  • Stabilises soil pH