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Revital Avocado is a blend of 80% compost and 20% vermicast, formulated to deliver the benefits of compost and vermicast to avocado trees, particularly those in early establishment. The continued growth of the avocado industry (to our third biggest horticultural export behind kiwifruit and apples) is leading to increased orchard developments. Ensuring the soil biology is in balance from the outset is important to support avocado trees to establish well and provide the right soil conditions for fruit production.

Avocado feeder roots are located close to the soil surface and develop a strong association with fungal mycelium which assists the uptake of nutrients in an actively growing tree.

Revital Avocado is an excellent source of fungal and bacterial soil biology as well as providing humus, organic matter and plant available nutrients plus growth promoting hormones (supplied from the vermicast). It is an ideal blend to develop a soil teeming with life.


  • Vermicast delivers a diverse microbial population which improves soil fertility and suppresses certain plant diseases and pests
  • Vermicast and compost contain humus which reduces nutrient loss from the soil and provides a food source for biological life
  • All essential nutrients are delivered in both exchangeable and soluble form to plants
  • Promotes strong root and plant growth
  • Contains natural growth hormones which improve plant establishment and growth.


All orchard crops
10,000 Kgs/Ha

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