Our experience with orchardists, particularly kiwifruit growers in the Bay of Plenty, is that the application of our high quality Revital Compost delivers many benefits and is a key ingredient to maintaining or restoring that balance. Your soil is rejuvenated by the addition of quality organic matter, stimulating growth of beneficial soil microbes and assisting in growth in crop yields. Compost applied to soil binds nutrients and improves water holding capacity, making it ideal for orchards and viticulture.

Revital Compost is certified organic by Biogro NZ and is available in all our territories.

OUR horticulture PRODUCTS

Revital 30

Revital 30 is a blend of our Revital Compost, our Vermicast and composted chicken manure.

Revital Compost 50

Revital Compost 50 is a 50/50 blend of our Revital Compost and organic certified Chicken manure.

Revital Compost

Our Revital Compost is manufactured to the highest standards using carefully selected organic inputs and following a strictly controlled production regime.