Revital sands are extracted in our quarrying process. Much of the sand is used in turf applications particularly for sports fields and golf courses. To meet New Zealand Sports Turf Institute specifications, we have developed specialist products for the top dressing of greens, tees and bunkers. Our sand is also used in special purpose applications such as horse arenas and pit sand.

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Pit Sand

House foundations, stabilizing material for roadways, fill. Density: 1.50 tonnes per m3.

Revital Masonry Sand

Revital Masonry Sand is used in concrete block making. This sand is also an excellent medium for seed propagation.

Revital 600

For turf – Golf Courses, Sports fields and drainage applications. Meets Plasterers Sand spec.

Revital 2000

Revital vermicast liquid works differently to normal fertilisers. As well as carrying nutrients, Revital vermicast liquid is rich in bio stimulants and microbial activity.

Revital 3000

Revital 3000 is a filtration and drainage sand, often used in the manufacture of Raingarden Mixes. Revital 3000 is also used in the manufacture of concrete products.